We assist in digital transformation.

We witness the dynamic changes which affect virtually all participants in the market. We also see the potential and the challenges the market holds. Companies are constantly optimizing their business processes, introducing increasingly advanced technologies, migrating more assets to the cloud.

To meet the expectations of our clients half way, we came up with a list of suggested values which supplement, and often underlie, the above activities.

Our Mission

We assist in digital transformation.

Our Vision

We deliver an innovative, secure, and regulation-compliant technological platform.

Initiatives we support

#Operational excellence
#Fast moving, agility and resilience
#Cloud adoption
#Process complexity elimination
#Continuous Planning & Analysis
#Costs optimization
#Data Governance
#AI & ML
#Remote work
#DevOps #CICD #IaC #VoiceBot #Selfservice #RPA #NLP

Automation of changes in hybrid cloud applications
Integrated planning, budgeting, analysis, and reporting
Managing projects and project portfolios
// Technological consulting

We assist in the selection of appropriate technologies

We implement and integrate selected solutions with the Client’s systems.

We provide the transfer of necessary knowledge.

Cloud costs

Invoice analysis, quota and asset reports, budgets, cost optimization in hybrid and multi clouds

Migration to cloud

Preparation and migration
of assets,
Cloud Native

Data Governance

Data management
and access control in hybrid cloud,

Automation of cloud services

Automation of changes in hybrid cloud applications, customizable views, ready-made integrations

Shared Services Center and IT costs

Development of a service model, allocations, allocation keys, management of IT costs, ABC

Advanced analysis and planning

Integrated reports, analysis, AI planning, budgeting, consolidations, AI


Project and project
portfolio management, budgets,


Customer service automation, self-service in natural language, integration with the client’s operating system, well-tested ML engine

Years of experience.
Faster generation of integrated reports
Unit costs calculation time
Faster implementation of changes in hybrid cloud applications

Innovation is the Key to Success


„Przed końcem 2023 r. ponad 90% dużych organizacji wprowadzi do skalowania inicjatyw DevOps self-service platform”, Gartner.


"By 2021 over 75% of midsize and large organizations will have adopted a MULTI-CLOUD STRATEGY" Gartner