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We assist in digital transformation.

Due to the technological progress, changing requirements of customers and the impact of competitors, companies keep facing newer and newer challenges. 

They change their business models, optimize processes, and diversify their offers and the markets where they operate. Such changes come in leaps. 

The use of innovative technologies becomes a must for the companies which want to survive on the market.


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// Why Cloudas?

We’ll help you design a solution concept. What is the challenge you’re facing?

Project portfolio management has become a big challenge Planning
Prioritization and selection of the best set of projects, and then their effective implementation and ongoing monitoring is too time-consuming and ineffective.
Cloud costs are getting out of control
We’re spending
too much on our
on-premise cloud, and the public cloud is no cheaper. Hybrid cloud invoices, billing and budget are a big challenge to us.
Calculating the unit price of a service is a challenge
We don’t know
what the actual IT cost
structure is. There’s no proper allocation of costs and IT assets
to cost objects.
Creating reports, new forecasts,
and plans takes
too long
Reconciling financial data
in Excel is tedious: integrations are incomplete, consolidation does not always work,
and there’s no automation.
It takes too
long to deliver
a new service in hybrid cloud
Lack of automation,
many tools and numerous operational silos
slow down change management and implementation process, both on-prem and in the cloud.
We have a cloud strategy, but DevOps teams are not working efficiently and shadow IT is still a big issue
Overly expensive and rarely used resources, as well as orphan resources, are increasingly common. Working in a hybrid cloud has become less effective.
The User Support Team reacts too late, Customer service is inefficient
The number of
tickets is increasing and it takes
too long to analyze them. We must fill in the application forms manually. There is no automation.
Reconciling budgets and priorities in projects is a significant challenge
No answers: Are the expenditures in the projects justified? Are the right projects being implemented? Do we have resources required to implement them?
//Our competencies
Shared Services Center & IT cost management

IT cost management, service model, Activity Base Costing, asset dependency maps, allocations, allocation keys, building a service catalog, SSC support.


Hybrid cloud optimization and cost controlling: budgets, invoices, billing, data export, support via GUI, CLI, API, on-prem costs, self-service with a customized view.


Self-service, automation of changes in applications, CI/CD implementation, Infrastructure-as-Code, workflow, encryption, fast integration with DevSecOps tools.

Application replatforming and refactoring

Containerization of applications, building micro-service architecture applications, migration of applications to Azure, GCP, or AWS clouds, dedicated Cloud Native solutions.


Selfservice, automatyzacja zmian w aplikacjach, implementacja CI/CD, Infra-as-Code, workflow, szyfrowanie, szybka integracja z narzędziami DevSecOps.


Self-service and customer service automation, real-time speech recognition, automation of entries to customer service systems.

Integrated reports, financial analysis and planning

Financial analysis automation, budgeting and forecasting, reporting automation, optimization of month-end closing procedures, fast integration of many sources, write back.

Project and project portfolio management

Planning, project prioritizing and identification, realization and ongoing monitoring, budget reconciliation, assets, schedules, automation of change management.

// Technological consulting

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// Technologies

We offer consultancy in the selection of appropriate technologies. We implement and integrate selected solutions with the Client’s systems. We provide the transfer of necessary knowledge.

// User testimonials

Meet the opinions of users of the technologies we implement.

Emilia Clarke
Sr Principle Solution Architect, services sector
Morpheus Data is an exceptionally powerful tool for the orchestration and management of hybrid and multi cloud
Emilia Clarke
CIO, manufacturing sector.
A powerful EPM created by an agile, expanding company focused on customer support
Emilia Clarke
Infrastructure engineer, financial sector
A wide range of functions, excellent post-sales support, and ease of use
Emilia Clarke
Consolidation manager, financial sector
A fast and flexible solution for planning and reporting
Emilia Clarke
Basic infrastructure engineering manager, retail sector
Morpheus is an agile tool for automated implementation of servers
Emilia Clarke
Financial analyst, government sector
Great integration
Emilia Clarke
Hybrid cloud architect, healthcare sector
Morpheus is a flexible portal for hybrid cloud management
Emilia Clarke
Director of finances, services sector
A great planning tool with the ability to customize
Emilia Clarke
Director of infrastructure and applications, financial sector
Morpheus is a transparent, flexible, and powerful tool as well as wonderful people who provide support
Emilia Clarke
CEO, services sector
Remarkably flexible and efficient software
Emilia Clarke
Network engineer, telecommunication sector
The best cloud management system I’ve worked with so far
Emilia Clarke
Senior consultant, financial sector
A great system for large companies
Emilia Clarke
Design engineer, energy and utility industry
One of the best tools for management in a cloud, at an affordable price
Emilia Clarke
Financial leader, manufacturing sector
An efficient tool for financial modeling
Emilia Clarke
Enterprise architect, manufacturing sector
Significantly decreased build times with Morpheus


Years of experience
Faster generation of integrated reports
Unit costs calculation time
Faster implementation of changes in hybrid cloud applications